Monday, March 26, 2012

Peer review

And so the peer review begins. Wow, this is a difficult task, as the projects assigned are all really interesting and well done. Competition is harsh, but it's great to see people have been working so hard. Now all we can say is well done everybody!!!

To check all the projects, go to this link.

And as we have to begin our 4 assignments, we'll say goodbye for now!


  1. I have a comment relating to your website. I could not find a contact point for corrections so I will give you the comment here. In the Interest Links, The World Health Organization is misspelled as The World Heald Organization. Also, there are several non-profit organizations that work in providing clean water and clean cook stoves to 3rd world countries. Links to these might be useful

    1. Thank you so much for your input!!!! We will certainly correct the misspelling and add the links. Thanks again!

      The 'Water, the New Petrol' team.